Thursday, June 13, 2013

A big huge SIGH (not of relief).

We are suppose to fly out to CA Saturday morning so what happens last night. Jude was rigid, didn't sleep well, and acted anxious. This morning his nurse said he had diminished lung sounds in his lower left we go again. Jude is not running any fever yet which is good. Charlotte also said his lower left lung opened up after the breathing treatment but it still "sounded different than the other lobes". So I put a call into the pulmonologist, but he cannot fit Jude in until Monday and even they said "Jude doesn't normally wait". So I had to put a call into his primary care giver and leave a message. If she cannot get him in they suggested urgent care again. However if we go to urgent care we are going to ask them to do the X ray and then conference with his pulmo to get the accurate medication dosage.

So what do we do? Do we go to CA overnight or do we stay and watch Jude to see what happens. I am not sure. My gut tells me if we get him in to be checked out he will be fine overnight until we get back. My gut also tells me if we are dealing with aspiration pneumonia for the 7th time...........well that's not good. Jude throws up even with the Nissen. We keep him upright. He is turned to his side after he eats. We has his elevated bed, wedges, compression therapy, vest, etc. It just happens.

I understand the process. I told a friend today that as I researched online I found this information

"If you continue to aspirate, you could have long-term inflammation of your lungs. This can cause you to get aspiration pneumonia again and again. Your lungs may slowly fail to pump enough oxygen into your blood. You could develop a blood infection called sepsis, or a lung abscess. This means part of your lung tissue begins to die. Any of the risks of aspiration pneumonia can be life-threatening."

They tested Jude for sepsis last time....which now makes sense. They understand that continued aspiration pneumonia causes other problems. I understand why they wouldn't relay this information to non medically educated moms. Reading things online or educating myself doesn't scare me. I don't panic or go into a shock mode. I simply understand it's the way our delicate human bodies are made and work. I think it helps me deal with finding the right treatment and future issues. Well that and faith.

So we will probably be hitting a clinic of some sort today just to insure he is alright.

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