Monday, May 7, 2012

Water for Dogs

So I fought a migraine all weekend and it wasn't pleasant. Well last night the headache had gone away for a bit and I decided to take Jude out on a walk. I honestly cannot believe I am sharing this story, but I think it's worth it. So I loaded Jude up and off we go down the block. I get about to my half way point I suddenly stop because I am paralyzed with a violently sick stomach.
"Omg" I thought to myself.
"Jude.........mommy doesn't feel well at all!!" I say
Jude just looked at me and smiled
"It's not funny Juders.........oh mind over matter mind over matter"
Suddenly I break out into a sweat and now I am really panic stricken. So I text Mike.
"Mike I am really sick! HELP!"
He is at Kevins house and really had no way to help me. I picture the model homes which are up the block and how I could maneuver Jude's wheelchair into their tiny perfectly decorated bathroom. I decided that idea wouldn't work and they probably would not appreciate my pit stop. I could get a neighbor to come get me, but again I had Jude's wheelchair. Maybe Emily could drive.........oh wait she is only 13! 

So I call Emily anyway.
"Emily.......mommy feels really sick...I need your help"
"What's wrong??" She says
"I have no idea. I feel dizzy and really sick to my stomach" I say
"Like throw up" She says
"Yes I need you to come take your brother please". I reply. At this point I think she could tell I reallllly didn't feel well.
"Where are you" she asks
"Rounding the model homes" I respond
"Ok...on my way!!" She exclaims.

Now know why the girl is in track because she sprinted a half a mile in about 30 I saw her long blonde hair bouncing as she sprinted around the corner. I think to myself "Gah, Flash Gordon Emily!" She was such a trooper and walked Jude all the way back to the house for me. I made it home without incident and spent the rest of the night relaxing. I immediately went and took a bath and felt much better. Nothing like being stuck out in your neighborhood with a gummy tummy and in full panic mode.
So later that night I was sitting on my back porch relaxing with the dogs and it began lightning. Spot is very terrified of bad weather so I decided to bring him inside for a bit. I also decided to draw myself another bath because it was the only thing helping my headaches. I put some of my lavender bubbles in and Spot decided to check things out. He hopped on the ledge to sniff the water and then hopped back down. Next thing I know he actually hopped in my water...............AND enjoyed it!!! This ladies and gentleman is why they are called the terrorists. Guess he needed some relaxation and bubbles too.

Ps. The reason for my migraine and tummy was a really bad sinus infection AGAIN! I am normally not sick more than 2 times a year, but it's been FOUR times since December! I am not sure if it's stress or this darn Texas weather. I have lots of votes on the weather because it seems everyone has been battling issues this year. Bleh!

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