Wednesday, May 2, 2012

shots and votes

Yesterday big boy Jude got his last shots to catch him up! He is now immunized and as much as I struggled with giving them I do feel better. He came through it like a champ and only whimpered for a moment. To celebrate we went out to dinner last night and Jude was SO great. When we pulled up to park we saw a van with a mobility Works sign on it. I explained to Emily that's the type of van we are working to get Jude. If she doesn't win the contest to get Jude the van then we will continue working to get him one. Jude is getting very heavy so being able to roll him in a van will be great. Here was Mike working with Jude's wheelchair last night.

So if you want to vote for Em just visit this link: You don't need a promo code, but if you have not used one before you can use 745 or 989. We have ten days left to get everyone to vote everyday.

So we are really proud of Jude and how great he has been going lately. He is really a trooper!

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Marcy said...

I just voted for you guys! I hope you get what you need. I read your blog often and love it. Thank you for sharing. I think you all are amazing!