Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A conference call and doctor visits

Today I had an ARD conference call with Jude's pending elementary school. All the teachers and therapists were present. We discussed the goals they have for Jude which are as follows.

1. Work on exploring the classroom with his teachers
2. Reach and grasp an object
3. Hold head up erect while sitting with teacher assistance
4. Hold head up on tummy
5. To express an interest in learning and they will start with him on a regular schedule. Each morning they will show him a tactile schedule and the object that corresponds to the event like "a ball"
6. Looking or moving his head towards an object he prefers
7. Imitate both vowel and consonant sounds with his teacher
8. Participate in social games like peek a boo
9. Use more switch activated toys

They also said that due to his vision they will use auditory explanations first like touching his diaper and telling him they are going to change his diaper. They plan on putting Jude on a "restrictive" schedule to start. They will take him direct from his bus to the PPCD room where it's calm and quiet. Jude will not participate in assemblies, scheduled events, or worked into the classroom.......as of yet. This is due to his startle seizures and something we requested. We decided to keep Jude at Baylor our house therapy twice a week and send him to school three times a week. His nurse will be allowed to not only attend the class with Jude, but to ride the bus too. They want her there for liability reasons in case Jude seizes and chokes.

Jude also visited his neurologist and his GI doctor today. Both said that Jude looks to be in the best condition they have seen him and they are both encouraged. The GI doctor was very excited to hear about us exploring the KETO diet and said the doctor we were referred to is "the best". He said her wait list is 6 months so someone must have pulled some strings, thank you Dr Riela and Donny! We still don't know if Jude will have to go inpatient to start the diet. If he does we will no doubt have to wait until the Thanksgiving holiday break. I cannot take anymore time off work, other than what I have already scheduled. Mike cannot take off from his new job either and it's a 5 day inpatient treatment. So we shall see.

So was that enough to grasp today? I am still sick and it is so very busy at work today. I am hoping to beat this bug soon. Charlotte seems to think that the strep case I contracted several months ago has greatly weakened my immune system. She said strep is known for doing that. The added stress at work has not helped any, but I am grateful to have a job. Wish I could finagle another weeks vacation after my 11 year stint with the agency. He normally recognizes those things so maybe he will give that to me someday.

My little cousins wedding is in a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to spending some time with my family. Now I just have to decide if I am going to board Bigs or take him with me.

Ps ~ I don't care who you are or how much you have accepted your child's disabilities, it's still hard to hear someone say on a repetative basis your child is "mentally retarded". They kept saying this in our ARD meeting. I know it's their legal term, but still. She said he was being labeled mentally retarded with multiple disablities and scored below average on every test given. Sigh.......let's just say they didn't make my day.

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Rita said...

I agree with you whole heartedly. At our school we have SST meetings and it either seems like the administration is talking in code or saying something I sure would not want to hear about my child. I think there are kind ways to say things. You know Jude and how he is. You do not need to be told and retold by others who do not live your life. Many blessings to you.